Sometime in the last two days, the aliens slapped you in irons. Nullifies to be precise. You were wreaking havoc in Star City or whatever it is you do to further your dark adjenda when the aliens performed one of their random sweeps. Some of you were spotted by dumb luck, others were ratted out by someone who has a very bad day coming some time in the near future.

You were transferred from one holding facility to another. Problems with the transmiters and getting your details to the rest of the fleet were the overheard reasons for this. Finally you have been put on this M’buna, a weird alien transport ship that is currently zipping down Central Avenue. Most likely there heading for one of those huge Man O’ Wars to take you off world. Rumour is that they like to dissect folks with supers-powers. Find out what makes ’em tick.

At least you won’t suffer alone. There are a few other capes in here as well. Some you recognise, some you don’t.

You’re all in the same boat now though.

Welcome to the start of your new adventure. Hope you have fun with Necessary Evil

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Necessary Evil

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